Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm here....

I am sorry that this has taken so long to post but things have been a little crazy since I landed here in California.  The weather has just been so beautiful!! I finally got my room (quite small) together and I have been going through two days of orientation with three more to go.  I have registered for my classes which, I think is going to challenge me to be a better student as well as allowing me to expand my horizons on my ideas about God and religion. 

This week is orientation week and I have been so lucky to be welcomed by both the staff and my peers through these few days.  Each of us brings different talents and gifts to the table that will compliment each other as we walk through this process together.  As with anything there is a transition time that needs to occur, I think that even thought I have settled in and am getting to know the people in my class I know that there will be times when it is going to get lonely and I am going to miss my home in Minnesota.  This is why I am so grateful to have a wonderful support network back in Minnesota as well as my family in Arizona.  Knowing that there are so many people who are cheering for me really is going to help me in those times when I feel low and lonely. 

This time that I am being blessed to spend in study is going to be a time that I will need to hit the books hard and to open my mind and heart to listen to what God is saying in my life. 

So for now everything is ok, more details to follow.

Thank you for reading and supporting me!


Jason Lucas