Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Today is the feast day of Saint Michael and All Angels.  The sermon at today's liturgy make me sit back and thinking about the angels that have been in my life.  The person who gave the sermon talked about how there were millions of them around him and this made me think of how many really have there been in my life. 

My family, friends, community are all angels to me, especially as they are supporting me through this process.  However, what about those angels that we might not see right away?  When I was in high school I volunteered at the senior center and I used to go with my Godmother and take meals to the home bound.  There was one person that I would love to go and see, we would talk, play cards, and just enjoy each other.  As I remember she was one who challenged me to be more than what I already am.  Unfortunately, I lost contact with her and the last time I saw her she was in a nursing home, but I know that when we were together and even now that I do not know where she is that she was an angel to me. 

I think that an angel is a person or a voice that challenges us to grow closer to God while protecting us sometimes from others or even ourselves.  When I start to beat myself up over something or I feel completely overwhelmed I hear the voice of the lady I just talked about and she would say "Jason, now you know you are better than that! You are a child of God." 

So the question I place to you is who are the angels in your life? 

Personally, I want to thank everyone that has been an angel in my life, because it is because of you that I am the person I am today and I could not thank you enough for helping become who I am.  I am also excited to meet new angels down the road, because no matter how old you are angels are always praying for you and loving you.

Jason Lucas